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Six Good Reasons Why to Send Your Child to Private School

Which school you choose for your child or children is a very important factor for their future happiness and success. Most people who want to send their children to private school wonder if it is really worth the extra money. The following reasons will help you in your decision.

1 – One of the main reasons that were a deciding factor is that the class sizes in private schools are considerably smaller. In general, the student to teacher ratio in schools is about 1:8 with the sizes of classes averaging about 10 to 15 students. In most public schools, class sizes can be 25 or more students, making the likelihood of your child getting lost in the crowd, quite possible. Most teachers prefer smaller class sizes so they can help each student develop to their fullest potential and help the students who need extra help in certain areas of learning.

2 – When it comes to the rate of graduation in public schools versus private schools, it is as much as 90 to 95 percent in private schools versus public schools, which are only about 62 to 67 percent. One reason for this substantial difference is that many more school teachers, about 70 to 80 percent have a master’s degree or more in the subjects they teach. This of course is a huge advantage for the student, and gives all children exposure to the best in a given area.

3 – A private school’s structure is set more so it is responsive to the student rather than in public schools that have many regulatory measures that must be complied with, without regards to the students or their needs. It is the contract between the schools and the parent that is the primary regulation for schools. This makes the teachers in schools accountable for the students’ results. In the public school system, students do not necessarily have to be educated to pass test. Private schools can be free to be creative with students in their studies as well as their thinking skills. It is obvious how important this skill will be in today’s job market because it is predicted that the students of today will change careers more often than students in the past did.

4 – Private school facilities are made more with the student in mind so as to provide the best possible learning environment. Whereas public school facilities are determined by where the school is located, which is determined by the area’s population. Because of this, public schools are not always able to have enhanced facilities included. In order to give full support to the emotional and social development, and support to the academics of the student, private schools generally have science labs, art studios, and sports facilities.

5 – The safer schools are the private schools because violence can be controlled better than in public schools. Because of the contract between the parents and the school, the teachers must adhere to certain standards of behavior by students, and the students understand that any other kind of behavior will not be accepted. This gives the school teacher the freedom to address behavior problems faster, which also helps defer bullying.