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Summer Project Ideas With Wholesale Beads

With summer fast approaching, it is time to take on some new DIY projects to improve your home, your clothes and your appearance. One of the most versatile items that you can buy to form the basis of all of these little projects is a job lot of wholesale beads. These wholesale beads can be used in a huge range of different projects, so you do not need to worry about them going to waste. Buying in bulk will cut your costs as well, so you can go about spending all of those savings on ice creams and outdoor activities, whilst you bathe in all of the attention that you are receiving for your amazing homemade creations. Here are a few project ideas for you to try out with your new selection of wholesale beads.

Beading your hair
Hair braiding and beading is a great look during the summer. Many people get a string (or a number of strings) of beads put in their hair at the beginning of the season, and end up keeping it in for the whole season. If you are only going to put one strand in, people normally choose to braid a section close to the front of the head. Start by taking a small section of hair and twisting it slightly so that it stays in a tight, neat bunch – a small amount of hair wax may help with this. Then begin threading the beads onto your hair, pushing each bead up to the top of the hair, alternating colors if you wish. Once the beads reach all of the way down to the bottom of the bunch, put a small, tight elastic hair band into place to secure all the beads.

Beaded fly guard
Stop flies getting into your home without stopping the fresh air by using a beaded fly guard to cover your doorway. You will need a short curtain pole, some fishing wire and plenty of wholesale beads. Cut the fishing wire into threads which are just longer than the height of the door. Thread strands of beads onto the fishing wire, leaving a small amount of space free at the top. Knot the bottom very tightly to stop the beads falling off. Tie the free bit of fishing wire at the top onto the curtain pole. Repeat this until you have enough strands to cover the entire doorway. If you are very crafty, you can thread the beads in such a way that they create a pattern or picture which can be seen when the beaded curtain is hung over the doorway.