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Teaching Passionately

I attended a graduation this past weekend. As the dean of the school of education confirmed the degrees I thought, what number of those students who selected teaching as their career really have the passion for teaching. Do they have the right stuff to be a teacher?

What does passionate teaching look like? Personally, I think it is a calling. Teaching is something you pour your heart and soul into. You care and you admire. Teaching should be a fun and colourful. Your students should love learning.

Teaching is totally full of personal relationships. Students need these relationships to be able to learn. According to Jerelyn Thomas in Passionate Teaching, “Bonding with students rests on what the teacher gives rather than what he / she asks of the students.”

Mary Powell states in Passionate Teachers Create Passionate Students, “Students equate satisfaction with learning and be more inclined to enjoy school. Enjoying school is far more than just for the student.” Teaching should come from within.

I might often anticipate the next year and wish to give my class the best experience they may have. I wanted my lessons to reflect the real world, full of excitement and have students remembering what and how they learned.

Therefore what’s the “Right Stuff”? I suspect the right stuff is when students will walk on water for their teacher. The teacher can show an image of a vehicle and tell them it’s a plane and they’ll believe it without any question. ( Well, at least not initially ). But, you know what I mean.

I have grown to equate teaching with the idea of a teacher giving of his / her spirit. I Corinthians 12:28 ( NKJV ), “And God appointed these in the church, first apostles, 2nd prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrators, types of tongues.”

I don’t know why teachers were listed third nonetheless, the undeniable fact that teachers are mentioned is significant. Teachers have an important job. We make a difference in the world. We shape the world. If a society is not educated, it won’t be successful.

Passionate teaching includes the student being part of the teacher’s life. I think the student learns the teacher cares when the teacher invites the student into their world. The teacher shares their likes, dislikes, trails, achievements and pastimes.

According to Jerelyn Thomas, “Students benefit considerably from seeing what their teachers are enthusiastic about. Passionate teachers get to the guts of their subject and share with their students. These teachers act as partners in the learning.”

Students need to learn how to be fond of learning and continued self-learning should be our aim as an educator. Teachers who share their love for their subject and help students relate it with real world applications are passionate teachers.

According to James 3:1 ( NKJV ) “My brethren, let not that many of you become teachers understanding that we shall receive tougher judgment.” Being a teacher is important. It is a major responsibility.