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The Amazing World of Rubber Bracelets

Have you seen a rubber bracelet? I am sure that you must have seen one. Over the years, rubber bracelets have emerged as a popular accessory. Introduced by Lance Armstrong, the yellow coloured silicone wristbands were used to create awareness for the testicular cancer and to raise funds for cancer patients. Apart from creating awareness, silicone wristbands are also used for a number of other purposes as well.

As a Height Restrictor

At carnivals and in country fairs, you must have seen people wearing rubber bracelets of different colours. These bracelets are used for safety reasons as people of a specific height can enjoy certain rides. At the park’s entry, height of the individuals is measured and they are given wristbands accordingly.

As a Gate Pass

Rubber bracelets are often used by people organizing a party. By using them as the gate pass; you will be sure that no trespasser enters your party. Bright coloured silicone bracelets make it easy for the security personals to keep gatecrashers at bay. So if you are organizing a party, do not forget to include silicone bracelets in your party.

As Age Identifier

In certain cases, it is important to differentiate people depending on their age. Nightclub owners use rubber bracelets to separate individuals who are above 21 and can drink alcohol from underage drinkers. This makes it easy for the servers to serve the guests at a fast pace. When your guests have the wristbands on, everybody can enjoy the party to the maximum.

For Protection Purposes

In the hospital, due to a large number of patients, it becomes difficult for a doctor or a nurse to remember every detail regarding their patients. Therefore, rubber bracelets embossed with the name of the allergy drug, is worn by the patients. Sometimes patients also get these wristbands embossed with the name of their medicine and wore them so that they are not administered the wrong medicines.

For Promotional Reasons

Are you planning to promote your company or a product? If yes, one of the best methods is to use rubber bracelets. Customized rubber wristbands offer the best way to reach out to your target audience and make them aware of your services. People in a large number opt for silicone wristbands because they are seen as an affordable alternative for personalized mugs, t-shirts or other promotional accessories.