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The Five Benefits of Dog Training

Often, people compare having a dog to having a child-and in some instances, they would be correct. Taking care of a canine is a huge responsibility, especially if staring out with a puppy. For owners everywhere, here’s a look at five benefits of training.

1. Keeps the Dog Out of Danger

A part of training a pup is working on voice commands, such as sit, speak, and stay. Mistakenly, people think this is teaching tricks; however, this allows the owner to have voice control. This can prevent the dog from jumping fences or running away.

2. Bonding

Just like a child to their mother or father, proper training will allow a canine and their owner to bond. This allows trust to form with its owner and also help the owner discover what makes their puppy happy or agitated. In the same regard, the dog will begin to recognize tonal voice commands and can pick up when their owners are happy or disappointed with them.

3. Trust is Built

Training builds trust, and just like a teenager, an owner will begin to give the dog some independence, such as staying home alone without being cared for. The animal also begins to trust the owner and will start to show remorse when they do something wrong.

4. Easier on Traveling Plans

Dogs that are well-trained are less stressed when they travel, which allows them to adapt quickly to their environment. For long distance travel, owners will be able to better control their companion which helps the pup stay alert and happy while allowing them to govern their behavior.

5. Allows for Social Adaptation

Training is important-especially for rescues and puppies who have anxiety around people or other animals. The trainer will give you and the canine coping mechanisms to help with social stressors that can lead to irrational behavior. Owners will be able to pick up on social cues that they are anxious and respond quickly. This type of intervention will prevent the dog from displaying erratic behavior and biting another person or animal because they didn’t have the necessary tools to respond to their stress.

When contacting a professional trainer, they will want to consult with you about your pet. It’s important to record their worst behaviors and note any trigger points. The trainer will then assess your situation and give you tools to use at home while they train.

The reason most people get pets is because they want the companionship. However, how much good does that do if the animal isn’t well-trained? A training program will make life much more pleasurable for the dog and the owner.