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The Indispensable Gym Bag

Most us have had the experience of purchasing a gym bag at some point in our lives. Whether it is one we have picked out for ourselves, our spouses or for our children it was likely purchased for a specific purpose.

The truth about gym bags is that while they may be designed for specific uses, they are great bags for a multitude of activities. These bags have long been used to carry balls, gloves, and other sporting items but these days you see people using their bags for things other than sporting activities. They are used by some as airline carry-on bags because they are typically constructed of durable materials and can easily fit under the airline seat or in the overhead bins with no difficulty. In addition many of these bags have sufficient pockets to accommodate storage of needed items.

Children and adults have used their gym bags in place of backpacks for hauling books and school essentials back and forth. The kids seem to like them because they come in such a large variety of colors and designs and the adults because of their durability and easy access.

Gym bags are used by some when hiking to store food, liquid, extra clothing, etc. Since they are pliable they are easy to manage.

Whenever we have need to transport commodities from one place to another a gym bag can be just the item we need to accomplish this task.

The next time we find ourselves in need of a new gym bag there are a few things we might want to consider. How much use do we think this new purchase is going to get? Are we buying it mainly for a specific purpose such as hauling our gear back and forth from our home to the gym or do we want it to serve as a multi-purpose bag? Do we want to purchase one that will be as durable and long lasting as possible or are we more interested in style and fashion? Will it need to stand up to various weather extremes and a good deal of hard use or will it just be used for transporting the kids ballet shoes back and forth to class?

The price of the bag we select will depend on the quality of workmanship and the material from which the bag is made. Typically gym bags are constructed of leather, nylon or canvas. People using their bags for business purposes often prefer leather for looks and durability but it is wise to keep in mind that some of the man-made fibers hold up extremely well, are less expensive and are better suited to certain uses, such as transporting wet items such as towels or swimming suits from the gym.

The advantages of canvas bags are while they are also extremely durable they are typically much lighter to carry. This may be an important consideration for those who will be hauling books back and forth from school. They are typically water proof as well and this no doubt will be a feature that will come into play from time to time.

Nylon bags are typically the least expensive but they offer some benefits that are not common in the other bags such as the fact that they are extremely lightweight and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. These make them particularly appealing to kids many of whom like to be seen with the latest fads.