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Things Every Jewelry Designer Must Know About Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are easier to use than most other types of jewelry clasps. They open and close with the use of magnets and this allows the jewelry to be held securely in place. It is easy to put on and remove jewelry which has magnetic clasps. Anyone who is suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome will find it difficult to use toggle and lobster clasps which tend to be too small. Even people who have poor vision will struggle with these kinds of clasps when trying to put on or remove their jewelry.

Magnetic clasps are extremely convenient for people who have limited dexterity. Jewelry that includes magnetic clasps can make wonderful gifts for children, elderly people and those who are suffering from joint problems. It takes very little effort to connect or remove jewelry that has magnetic clasps.

How to attach magnetic clasps

When it comes to attaching these clasps to your beaded jewelry, it is essential to be aware of the strength of the clasps. These clasps are available in different types and sizes and therefore the strength of the magnets also differ. Always choose a strength that matches with the weight of the jewelry you are looking to create. If you choose magnet that is too strong for your jewelry, you will risk breaking the jewelry when it is worn. On the other hand, if you choose a weaker magnet, then you will risk losing your jewelry. These clasps are easy to use in jewelry making. Here’s information on how to attach them in the most easiest and effective way.

• Complete beading your necklace or bracelet and attach jump rings to both sides of the beading thread.

• Take the first part of the clasp and attach it to one of the jump rings. The other part of the clasp will be attached to the other jump ring. You can attach the clasps using a pair of pliers.

• In case you are making use of magnetic cylinder clasps, then you can finish your accessory and thread the clasp through its centre and knot its ends. The cylinder types are more suitable for lightweight jewelry items such as beaded anklets and lightweight bracelets and watches.

Magnetic clasps are available in a range of materials with the most popular being made from stainless steel and plated silver. These are available in a variety of shapes as well including rounds, tubes and ovals. They are suitable for a range of threading wires as well as leather cords. These clasps are available in many colors and their sizes range from 2mm to 9mm. To create funky jewelry pieces, you can combine them with different types of leather such as braided leather, real nappa, eco-nappa and hair-on.