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Tips for Elearning Online Course Developers – How to Deal With Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts or SMEs play a crucial role in the development of online e-learning programs for employees. Finally, they determine which skills and materials trainees must learn. Because of this, developers of training solutions need to work closely with SMEs to ensure learners are getting the right content in the right way. On the other hand, working relationships between SMEs and developers of technology-enhanced learning courses are not always easy. Your area of ​​expertise limits your knowledge of effective online learning design.

This structural knowledge limitation causes them to develop materials that cannot easily be converted into content for online learners. But this challenge is not one that cannot be solved. By properly communicating goals and requirements, both developers and content professionals can get their jobs done without too many obstacles. Here are some tips to foster smooth collaboration with SMEs: Introduce them to the basics

Understand that even though they are called experts, they are still looking for things and matters that are outside their realm of knowledge. Make sure they understand the needs of the project and the type of content you need from them. .Knowing the how, why and what of teaching TEL would help them to develop appropriate content. It is not necessary to immerse them in the totality of matter; Just give them the information related to the design of content.

Tell them that face-to-face teaching is different from online e-learning. Most of the time, these content experts are also classroom teachers. Because of this, when developing program materials, they tend to create something that will work for teacher-led classes, which doesn’t necessarily work for online courses. To avoid this, emphasize the difference between the traditional classroom and the online educational environment. Let them understand the nature of the students who will learn from the materials they will develop.

These simple tips can help you make your results more effective. Working closely with SMEs is key. As with any project that requires teamwork, it is important to communicate and convey clear goals.

Coordinate with them their work and whether they have achieved the goals of their tasks. Hold meetings and consider how you can make the materials even more effective. Listen and consider their opinions because when problems arise it would be easy to steer the operation in the right direction if you know where they are coming from. Provide continuous feedback It’s a good idea to provide continuous feedback, rather than simply leaving comments on submitted eLearning materials when the
critical moment arrives.

Create a timeline of deadlines and deliverables to ensure you have time to make recommendations while SMEs have time to implement the changes you want.