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Toy Pedal Cars

Toy pedal cars are back – and back with a vengeance. After years of being pushed to one side as the toy of choice they have made a comeback that defies all logic. In this day age of technical and electronic gadgets, why would a child want to go back to peddling around in a little car?

Toy pedal cars come with more than one guarantee. Not only will they last a long time they are also guaranteed to give you and your child hours of fun and also provide the opportunity for your child to exercise without you having to make them.

Toy pedal cars are made in a very robust and strong design. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel with high traction tires. Pedals are fully adjustable to take account of your child growing and some even come with great chrome detail for a more realistic look. All paintwork is completed in a lead free, non-toxic coating which is completely safe for your child.

These are suitable for children aged 1 to 5 years of age and are a great gift idea. Not only are they fun to use and for Mom and Dad to watch their children having fun, they also promote a safe way for your child to get vital exercise. They are excellent for development of motor skills as well, promoting strong bones and good movement abilities.

Kids love to imitate other people, especially Mom and Dad. What better way to allow them to pretend to be you than by giving them their own car? Children can have overactive imaginations and a toy pedal car will allow them to use this safely; they can pretend to be a “grown up” and still have a childhood.

Toy pedal cars are excellent for teaching your children safety skills. They can also teach creative thinking and allow your child free rein, within limit, to act out their wishes. If they want to be a farmer or a policeman, or maybe a fireman, they can be. The range of styles and designs of toy pedal cars allows for your child to be anything they desire for a short while.

Pedal cars are also safe for the environment as they don’t emit any exhaust or fuel fumes. They can be used in perfect safety in your back yard without your child having to go out on the road, giving you peace of mind as well.

Toy pedal cars are not an expensive investment. Prices start around $220 for a good solid toy that can be passed down through your children. And in years to come, when your kids are too old toy pedal cars can be a project for adults, to restore if necessary and they will also keep their value for resale when the time comes.

Give your children their childhood back and relive yours at the same time with an inexpensive strong toy that promotes both fun and wellbeing, aids in your child’s development and teaches them some life skills at the same time.