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Types Of Wholesale Charms You Can Buy For Jewelry Making

There are many decorative elements available today that can be used by jewelry designers to enhance the look of their creations. But, one of them which is more fun to work with is charms. These small decorations come in many different shapes and sizes. They come in different colors as they can be created from different materials. Charms are about appearance. These decorative elements allow for individualization and they are commonly used as embellishments on bracelets. Larger ones can also be used as pendants for necklaces.

If you are a jewelry designer, you know how important it is to work with wholesale jewelry making supplies. The same applies for charms. To be able to create multiple pieces of jewelry, it is essential to consider buying wholesale charms. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of wholesale charms you can buy for jewelry making.

Gold – wholesale charms are mainly gold plated. They consist of a base metal and are either plated with gold or filled with gold. Solid gold charms are very expensive and they can be bought as individual pieces rather than wholesale.

Silver – sterling silver charms are the most popular types of wholesale charms that jewelry designers consider. These charms contain 92.5 percent silver and the rest is made of other metals. Sterling silver is an alloy and therefore jewelry designers must be careful when using charms made out of alloys because it can irritate skin and cause allergic reactions.

Tibetan silver – wholesale charms made from Tibetan silver do not contain as much silver as sterling silver and for this reason, they are extremely cheap. They contain a touch of silver only. Tibetan silver is quite different. They have a dull kind of appearance and they are often used to make tribal kind of jewelry.

Brass – if you combine wholesale brass charms with wood or glass beads, you will be able to create some very stunning and sophisticated jewelry pieces.

Pewter – this metal has an antique look to it and therefore it may not appeal to every designer. If you are someone who likes to use antique elements in your creations, then you can choose wholesale pewter charms.

Plastic – plastic is another common and affordable material charms are made of. These are mainly suitable for kids jewelry designs because plastic jewelry supplies do not have the appeal or luster of other types of elements such as glass or metal.