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Uniqueness of Kaikoura Makes It One of the World’s Top Tourist Destinations

New Zealand is a soft spot for many people around the world. It offers tourists more than they could find in most other countries and as a result, it’s become a hub for tourists.

The beauty of New Zealand is the fact that the country is split into two very different islands. The North Island offers a warmer climate with beautiful golden sand beaches, subtropical fruit and a much greater population. It comprises Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Tauranga, all of which are among the top 6 largest cities in New Zealand.

The South Island however is very much different. The Southern Alps run much of the way through the middle of the island, making for great skiing and snowboarding, as well as excellent walking tracks. About a quarter of the way down the east coast of the island is a wonderfully scenic and much visited town called Kaikoura. This coastal spot is famous around the world for its geographical position and the amazing sightseeing available.

Kaikoura has a very baron coastline, unlike anything you’ll find in the North Island. It’s this coastline that plays host to the treasures of this tourist hot spot. Local tourism providers operate whale watching tours. Plus, you only need to walk 2 minutes down the coastline and you’ll find a number of seals clambering over the nearby rocks.

From a scenic perspective, Kaikoura is towards the top of the list in New Zealand. From the rugged coastline you are pleasured with the mouth-watering views of the snow-capped Southern Alps. One thing is for sure, if you’re visiting Kaikoura, be sure not to forget your camera. If you do, you’ll probably end up having to buy one whilst you are there.