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Virtual Lines Set the Way to a New Queue-Less Experience at Universal Orlando

Had there been no ride-lines, there would have been no waiting times. And the experience with your favourite ride adventure gets even more special. You don’t have to miss the fun even for a fraction. But the same seems un-true with the long queues acting as major hurdles. In fact the queues are the reasons of disappointments, forcing every ride c think twice before planning their next trip to the world – famous theme park resorts in Orlando, Florida. Not just they are time – consuming, the ride lines take away a major chunk of your most valuable fun moments as well. And during peak seasons the sights only worsen.

However, there are ways to make the queue even more convenient, quicker and entertaining for the guests. The availability of advance ride reservation systems such as the FastPass or Express Pass program and others by Disney and Universal have contributed a lot in lessening the waiting woes. Though the queues still exist, you have the alternatives to skip them. Truly, the use of ride-time reservation options definitely takes the queue experience to next level. Thanks to all the unique efforts on part of the parks. We appreciate their incessant endeavours, they are good at addressing the queue issue.

The concept of Virtual Lines and its evolution is one of the most interesting developments in this regard. Virtual Lines have inspired new queue ideas that can change the experiences altogether. Universal Orlando is smart enough in grabbing the opportunities, instilling new life to the concept. Instead of skipping the ride-line, the Resort has gone at length to eliminate the queue itself. Universal brings a complete transformation in deed. With its new approaches to Virtual Lines, the Resort is offering a queue-less experience in true sense. There are no queues for guests visiting the new Universal ride attraction such as – The Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon ride or the Volcano Bay water park for that matter.–value-to-your-money–value-to-your-money