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Visit Marrakesh for a Most Extraordinary Morocco Holiday

In Morocco, there is a style out ancient homes that have been turned into delightful small, boutique hotels called Riads.

Built with mud and clay, these dwellings are almost imperceptive from the outside except for a small door, but once you enter – a feast for the senses awaits you! With trees, flowers and fountains, there is a courtyard open to the sky, surrounded by rooms on all four sides.

Generally, the kitchen and relaxation areas are on the ground floor. In Morocco, they often use the living room couches as beds at night.

On the upper floors, small rooms for sleeping are found, with balconies overlooking the courtyard.

Privacy is not really valued in Morocco, except between the genders so women and girls would have their own room, and boys and men theirs are well, except for married people, with very few possessions besides clothes and perhaps jewelry.

Visionaries have turned these ancient dwellings into hotels that are absolutely delightful to experience. They have reworked them with the most beautiful tile work and tapestries, accoutrements and fabrics. There is a timeless luxury that feels divine!

Traditional riads are mostly found in the old cities, or Medinas, of the cities. As you walk the cobbled streets, you’re literally walking between blank walls, but behind those walls there is an amazing hidden world, thriving homes full of cooking and play.

As you explore the city during the day, you can get a feel for the rhythm of life in Morocco, with hawkers and acrobats and an unimaginable array of exotic crafts, food, scents and design. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of colors and sounds and scents… so when you return to your riad at night, you drink in the mystical peace and quiet, relaxing and unwinding after your exciting day of exploration.