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Visiting the Doctor

In Western Medicine today there is little time or consultation offered by overworked doctors anxious to get through and clear overcrowded waiting rooms. The average time given to a patient once having been accepted into the surgery under the present system at this particular time is about 5 minutes maximum, according to some reports.

It is unreasonable to think that any doctor can do his professional work for which he has had long training, in such a short time. All this training and knowledge is at risk and will be wasted if the drug manufacturers’ handbook, and the ready prescription that follows that advice is regarded as the ultimate authority.

Patients expect care and concern and a little time given by the doctor whom they trust with their health concerns.

Because of this factor and others, general practitioners in the medical profession who were once so well considered are losing their fine reputation and must improve their clinical methods if the public is not to lose heart altogether that they can ever visit a knowledgeable, caring doctor who has time to help them.

Until there is reform by the cooperation of state authorities and those representing the profession improving the system for the well-being of patients, it is likely that many free thinkers may decide to take a different path – one based upon self responsibility and the need for self determination.

It is quite possible that general practitioners could return to the wholesome role as healers for families to trust and turn to, in full gratitude for the wondrous skills of medical science that have been developed in the spheres of specialization. But perhaps the intensive medical centres being established are inhibiting this by seeking customer numbers instead of quality service.

We could all try to stimulate the awareness of the need to change that can easily begin by becoming appropriately questioning or assertive when we visit the doctor. Here are a few ideas…


Give a clear description of your symptoms – and if in pain what type – ache, pain, stabbing, constant, or intermittent. This can be a better patient description that the degree alone.

Indicate if symptoms intensify in different circumstances or when you find relief, whether from medication, change of habit, temperature or perhaps with food or by fasting.

Be sure to state your desire preference for any particular type of treatment method you wish to follow.

Be prepared for Doctor’s queries – examination etc.

Be satisfied with your visit. Be aware of the cause of your problem and the range of treatments available that may include physical treatment and physiotherapy.

Medication – if drugs are prescribed, ask for list of potential side effects that could be experienced. Ask for statistics as to the results of this medication’s effectiveness in cases as your own before accepting the prescription.

Sally Wilson supports a philosophy that looks to Nature as the ultimate Intelligence that directs us towards a lifestyle promising happiness as we learn to live according to natural laws to experience a natural, vital state of health.Our interests and studies of all natural sciences offer particular benefit to women who guide them in selection of the courses of action in personal care and self discipline as well as in caring for the welfare of families. Many of Sally Wilson’s articles are written to inform and encourage women.