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What Dogs Are Suitable to First Time Owners?

Dogs are intelligent beings and can easily be trained. Not only that they are fairly emotionally evolved, so, adopting a dog is just like adopting a child. However in order to ensure that you and your lovely pet share the good chemistry and a long sating relationship you need to ensure the dog species is suitable to be adopted and safe for your family members. Here are a few things you should consider especially of you are adopting the pet for the first time:


The first thing to consider while adopting a dog for the first time is the safety. Though dogs have been domesticated from the times immemorial and a regarded as the best companions of the human being, some of the dog breeds were especially raised to help their owners while hunting. There were others who were raised to be a fighter dog. In fact some of the species are banned in countries like US because of the potential danger they pose to the people. So, you should make sure that the first time dog bred that you are adopting should be safe and has been domesticated by the people as a house dog. Here are the best species you can go for:
• Corgi
• Boston Terrier


One of the best features of dogs is that they are playful. Whether you hurl the ball and allow them to fetch or train them the art of standing and shaking the hand, they can easily be trained. But then there are some species that are quite reserved. In fact, some of the species are so reserved that you might fear playing with them or going near them. Hence for the best interest of and your dog it is extremely important that you should ensure that the dog should be playful. Here are some of the best species:
• Pugs
• Cavalier King Charles


Size also matters a lot went you are adopting a dog for the first time. If you are living in small house or a flat then large sized dogs will not be suitable for you. You would rather make its life difficult. You can go for the small dogs. The same is true if you are in a frail health or does not have a strong physique. Not to mention that having kids at home can also affect your decision of adopting a large breed as kids are most vulnerable and you can never be completely sure of the temperament of dogs. What might appear to them as a play could be harmful of your small kid’s body! Here are two small sized lovely species:
• Beagle
• French Bulldog