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What High School Counselors Don’t Tell You About College May Hurt You

Your high school guidance department is probably overworked and understaffed. With budget cuts and too many students, they may have overlooked or avoided a few serious concerns that every college student and parent should discuss.

Without trying to scare you, college can be a real shock for students and parents if they are not aware of some basic issues prevalent across most college campuses. We will look at a few of the more dangerous ones here.

High School… Supervised Continually. College… Not So Much.

Hopefully your high school helped to develop good study skills and encouraged you to be a self-starter. In high school they took attendance everyday, in college, it is up to you to learn what they are teaching. One of the biggest reasons for college failure is not attending classes. College professors don’t care if you come as long as you complete the work.

Drinking and Drugs… Readily Available!

If your high school had a problem with drinking and drugs, then you might not be shocked. but if your high school was strict and well-managed, then you eyes will opened quickly in college. Because you will have some students that are legal age to drink, alcohol is everywhere on and off campus. Every year, on every campus, hundreds of freshman and sophomores receive citations for underage drinking and are required to take an online alcohol awareness class and pay a fine. Yet the practice continues with property damage, bodily damage and sometimes loss of life. Be careful and try to remain in control, otherwise bad things will happen.

Parties Can Get Out Of Hand Quickly!

Ever been at a party where the police had to intervene? If so, you may be ready for Friday night on campus. With hundreds, even thousands of young adults blowing off steam after a week of studying and exams, emotions and personalities can clash and explode quickly. If you see something brewing, pack up, grab a friend and leave as soon as possible. Rarely do students under the influence of alcohol suddenly sober up and become rational. Normally, it goes the other way and once the police are involved, it can get messy and costly.

Date Rape Is More Common Than You Think.

Date rape and being drugged is a big problem on college campuses. Never take a drink from anyone… period. Prepare or bring your own. Every year, police investigate young women experiencing the effects of date rape drugs after college parties. Some estimates suggest that for every one case that is reported, there are ten that go unreported. Parents and students need to discuss this issue before college and review it regularly over the years. The emotional and mental scars can be devastating and with a little foresight it can be prevented.

Bullying Can Be Worse In College.

If you witnessed bullying in high school and thought it was a problem, college take it to a new level. You hope as students mature they grow out of this behavior, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. As texting, blogging, Facebook, and YouTube continue to grow, so does the bullying problem. Unfortunately most college students don’t report it and unlike high school, “Big Brother” isn’t watching over you. If you experience bullying, report it before it gets out of hand and if you are part of the problem, please stop. College will be a better place in both cases.

Just Because You Pay Your Money…

College officials may not be looking over your shoulder at all times, but they do monitor your progress academically as well as socially. If you get into too much trouble or your grades are below a certain acceptable level, you will be placed on probation or asked to leave immediately, even if your check has cleared.


As you can see, there are plenty of negative things that can happen… if you let them. But for those students that are prepared, college can be a great experience, helping to develop skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. Be aware of your surroundings, select your friends and recreation activities wisely and you will have fun, prosper and graduate with some great memories.