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What Is Insulin Pen and Its Use?

What is insulin?

Insulin pen is a device which is used to inject insulin hormone into the bloodstream to control type-1 diabetes, which is a medical condition that occurs due to impairment in glucose levels in the body. Before getting to know about insulin pen, we must know about insulin and its connection with diabetes.

Insulin is a hormone which is secreted by the pancreas, a gland which is located in the abdomen behind the stomach. It is responsible for secreting enzymes and hormones that are essential for our survival. Among those hormones insulin plays an important role in regulating blood sugar/glucose levels in the body. When we eat food, it is broken and converted into glucose in our stomach. We get energy from glucose, which is a type of sugar. This glucose enters into our bloodstream with the help of insulin and it is only because of insulin that our cells are able to absorb glucose and store energy. Any impairment in insulin secretions can lead to diabetes.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is caused due to the imbalance of glucose/sugar levels in the body. There are two types of diabetes

1. Type -1 Diabetes

In type-1 diabetes, insulin is not secreted by the pancreas in required amounts due to the failure of beta cells which are responsible for insulin secretion. And hence glucose remains in the blood stream without entering the cells.

2. Type -2 Diabetes

It is caused due to insulin resistance where our body doesn’t respond to the orders of insulin and hence glucose remains in the bloodstream.

Why to use insulin pen?

Insulin pens are mainly used for curing type-1 diabetes. With the help of these pens, we are providing insulin to our body through external means and this helps to avoid any complications that can be caused due to lack of insulin in our body. One must not neglect the harmful effects of diabetes because high levels of glucose/sugar in the bloodstream can be toxic and harmful to the body. If ignored, it may lead to severe health issues and sometimes even death. Insulin pen is the best remedy to cure type-1 diabetes.

Insulin pen

Insulin pen is a device which is used to inject insulin to control glucose/sugar levels in the body. It consists of a cartridge in which insulin is present and a dial which is used to set the required dosage. It is injected with the help of disposable needles. There are mainly two types

1. Durable pens

2. Prefilled pens

Durable pens/reusable pens use a replaceable cartridge. Here, when the cartridge is empty, a new cartridge filled with insulin is replaced in the place of old cartridge which should be disposed after it is empty.

Prefilled pens are disposable pens which are discarded once the insulin cartridge is empty.

What is the use of insulin pen?

Insulin pens are very much reliable when compared to traditional vial and syringe method of injecting insulin. These pens are portable, easy to use with high levels of accuracy in dosage and it has gotten positive feedback from patients who are satisfied with the risk-free treatment. Deployment should be necessary because traditional methods of injecting insulin has the risk of infecting patients. Also, they can be used easily by patients with minimum instructions because its design is user friendly and anyone will be able to use it.