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What It Takes To Be A Self Publisher: Realign The Mind

Before we start let me say upfront. If you think that you are going to become an overnight superstar and make it rich on your first book, stop reading. Those days are over.

However, if you want to learn how to become a self publisher and create a growing steady income, then keep reading.

The name of the game is to learn how to make a steadily growing income from self-publishing. It’s possible. More possible for a writer than at any time in history. Matter of fact, this may be the best time ever to be a self publisher.

Somewhere between 3000 BC and 2007 AD it was extremely difficult to make a living as a self published author. You needed people with marketing experience, connections, and money to back you. Matter of fact they controlled what the masses read and saw.

I equate it to the time the Catholic Church held the monopoly on religion. No one was able to read and see the scriptures except for the clergy. Then Luther nailed the thesis to the door and the cat was out of the bag. What was once a one church show, became something of many stripes and colors.

Up until 2007 the publishers pretty much held all the cards. You were only dealt what they wanted you to have. But that is not the case any longer. What was been viewed as a desperate act of a drowning, broke, and dejected author to go out and self publish, is now the method of many who are turning the world of publishing upside down.

However, just because the game has changed, does not mean that you will become a success. You need to have something that not everyone has. You still need to be disciplined and consistent with your work. But you also need something that has forged America and nations for years.

You Are Now The CEO

With the ability to re-live the troubadour era and make some serious coin, comes the responsibility of managing your time and business. Let’s face it, we are no longer taking our poems to the pubs and hoping someone pays us, we are venturing into the world of self-publishing.

With the freedom to self publish and create what we want, does not negate the fact that we are also now in charge of our own destiny. You are now taking on the stress and headaches of running your own business. You are now responsible if your product does not sell. You are now responsible to put out a great product, a product that helps you and does not harm your brand. Let’s get down to it, you are responsible to see it succeed or fail.

Now before you run away and cower in the corner, let me say that these skills can be learned with discipline and commitment to yourself, the industry, and your customers.

You Need to Tap Into the Entrepreneur Spirit

This spirit allows you to be a risk taker and business builder. The good news with self publishing is that there is very little upfront costs. Other than time, you can start off slow and publish books for free if you want too. The idea remains the same, the freedom to take our work to the masses and get paid for our work.

This freedom does not come cheap. The Freedom comes at a price. You have to work off your own ideas, brainpower, and work ethic. When you tap into those three things and begin producing content, content that sells, you begin to generate an income.

Something else that a lot of self publishers don’t think about is how to expand their revenue through publishing. One way to give you some street credibility and expand your profits is to create a publishing company. Incorporate it and treat this like a business. It truly is not that difficult to legally make a company. The costs are minimal, but it truly changes the mindset when you approach self publishing this way.

The idea is to realign the mind. To move beyond the idea of producing one book and begin looking at this as a legitimate piece of your income. The idea is this..

  • You want multiple streams of income
  • You want to leverage all your content (writings)
  • You want to move at a reasonable fast pace

When you break off into self publishing you can accomplish all three of these things. When you enter into this as a business, everything changes. The way you approach your writings, the way you publish your work, the way you handle future contacts, the way you market. Everything changes. Now all of a sudden we approach this not with the idea that we will publish one book and buy a house on the beach, but how do we grow and build a company that pays us day in and day out.