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What to Expect in a Child Custody Dispute

Anyone experiencing the upheaval of a child custody dispute can attest to the anxiety this causes for all parties involved. Not only will you likely have emotional stress, but you may also experience a strain on your finances as a result of the issues. Although these cases are not exceptionally complicated, the extreme emotions involved can cause upset for everyone. Learn what to expect if you are involved with this type of conflict.

The Court’s Responsibility

Even if a parent makes few mistakes and takes great care of their children, it is still possible to lose custody of a child or children. The court’s duty and responsibility is to protect the interests of the youngsters involved. This may include discontinuing custody with one party if the judge thinks this is best for a child.

Stability and Status Quo

Kids often struggle in the presence of change. Moving to live in a new home can be a major source of upheaval in a youngster’s life. For this reason, courts often prefer to leave a situation unchanged for minors whenever possible. For a judge to force a change in living circumstances, something significant would need to occur to make this move necessary. As long as the youngster is safe and thriving in a home situation, the court would probably not institute a change.

Legal Representation

The lawyer you hire depends on the dispute. Some people may need a very aggressive attorney who will instigate an adversarial battle to prevail. Other people may take a more cooperative approach, instead trying to work together with the other parent to figure out the best situation for the children. Legal representation can be quite expensive, and an attorney bill can skyrocket out of control if you don’t monitor it carefully. Keep tabs on costs with ongoing summaries of charges.

Maintain Focus

The court’s focus should also be the parents’ focus-the welfare and interests of the youngsters. It is easy to get caught up in your personal desires for child custody at any cost, forgetting about what might be best for your children. The best way to provide the most stability and love for children is to avoid fighting over them. Instead, work with the other parent to care for them cooperatively and to determine where they will live.