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Why You Should Replace Email With Collaboration Software

Most of the business professionals would come into the office and check their emails in the morning before starting the day. But today, with the rise of social networks, mobile devices and collaborative tools, communication has changed.

Now a days, email is phasing out and social collaborative software is taking its place. Whether employees have to add events and meetings to a shared calendar, or are logging into a community Intranet and getting up to speed on the latest conversations, they are spending more and more time with shared social components outside of their email inbox.

If you haven’t yet replaced email with a social collaborative software, then here are five reasons why you should do it today:

Save Time: Most of the business professionals spend way too much time checking email. Sometimes their inboxes are overflowing. But when you log into social collaboration software, you would have access to all the updates for your company and projects at one time. You can prioritize and respond to what is most urgent immediately and can save a lot of time.

Increase in Productivity: Today, more than 2 billion people use email to communicate, but it is reducing the productivity. Email is almost always open on a person’s workstation, distract them and reduce productivity significantly. If you reduce time spent on email, it can raise your productivity.

When you will use a social collaboration software, use email more as a notification center. You are going to receive emails informing you that a new conversation is occurring on the social network, along with a link to join and participate.

Less Confusion: Sometimes information gets lost in email because of forwarding, BCC’s and CC’s. By removing email and instead, have a common dashboard where all the information is shared at one time with just the right person, social collaboration software offers direct communication without the hassles and confusion of email.

More Meaningful Collaboration: Email is not built for collaboration. For example, sending edits to a document by email, can be a poor use of time and is also more prone to error and confusion. On the other hand, having a shared document that multiple people can view at the same time is far more beneficial. Important updates and notes can be added and viewed in one place at the same time. This offers people the ability to quickly gauge the progress on a project and make necessary decisions for next steps.

Information will be Easily Searchable: Email is a closed system where the only person who can search through each account is the individual owner. This prevents sharing and limits the speed and access of information necessary for a group. But with social collaboration software, you have got all your information available in one area. Also, you can search through all your data quickly and easily.

These were the five benefits of using a collaboration so