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An Evening in A&E

Recently I had reason to attend A&E so despite the boredom of sitting on a hard seat for 7 hours it was quite an experience! Having donned a mask and being met at the door with a series of Covid related questions, my daughter was sent home and the evening wait began.

The waiting room was already quite-full and more people poured in continually. Ambulances pulling up and leaving more sick people was a common site. The staff bustled around in good spirits tending the patients in their nightly routine.

When I arrived a very distraught mother was trying to console her very young baby, probably only a few weeks old. He screamed non-stop until eventually on of the nurses came to the rescue, calmed him and walked around with him until he fell asleep.

Avery frail elderly gentleman sat in a wheel chair. He looked very poorly and thin, his bones showing through his shirt.

One by one we were called in to have blood pressure and temperature taken, plus a history and more Covid questions, returning to the waiting room to wait for a blood test and to see a doctor.

However despite the hard chair through a bored-daze it became evident a lot was going on. At one point a girl was dragged forcibly on her rear into the waiting room and beyond by two burly security guards. So goodness knows what had been going on, or what she had done. The was another rather hefty girl who kept going outside, at one time she was escorted back by a policeman, latter returning with 2 security guards.

One lady arrived very distressed with a toenail hanging off. Another young girl wandered in sat down and promptly fell asleep so soundly that no-one could wake her. She was deposited in a wheel chair and taken through the ‘doors’ where everyone was taken for treatment. A little well dressed lady possibly in her nineties wandered around with her stick and bag of belongings. Someone came to collect her about midnight.

A young man came in very anxious about something. Well dressed and apologetic but he couldn’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes. He continually got up and wandered out and in. He was still their when I left at 2.30. The elderly gentleman was also leaving being taken up to a ward, bless him he said he had been sitting there since 6pm. Waiting for a bed.

People continued to pour in all evening, ambulances came and went in fast succession. The nurses continued working all evening and into the night with good humour and endless energy working as always extremely hard and happily helping everyone.

Whilst the Covid virus remains with us the medical staff have an increased load, we all need to help them and ourselves by preventing the spread of the virus by being diligent about social distancing, hand-washing and wearing a mask. Masks now come in all shapes sizes and colours. There was even a stall outside our supermarket doing a great trade on /Saturday. With winter approaching celebs are favouring bandanas that can be worn as a scarf and pulled up over nose and mouth as required and in colours to complement what you are wearing.

The isolation and loneliness of the last few months has been a nightmare for many especially those alone and shielding, and those missing their loved ones in hospital and unable to visit. However we are starting to gently emerge from the crisis as long as we stay vigilant and follow the rules and recommendations, the situation will continue to improve