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What Are Beta Glucans and How Do They Help You?

What are Beta Glucans?

They belong to the family of complex carbohydrates present in certain food items. They are polysaccharides. They are a type of soluble fiber and as the word soluble indicates, it dissolves easily in water. In the gut, it can be broken down into a gel-like substance because of the soluble nature.

It helps in fighting viruses and defeating infections. It strengthens the immune system and is known for its healing properties.

Our body needs them. Unfortunately, it cannot produce them on its own and thus, it depends on external sources like yeast, cereal grains and certain types of mushrooms. Many individuals take it in the form of supplements with mushroom extract beta glucans original.

How does Beta Glucan help us?

They work like a charm for our immune systems. They are not absorbed directly into the digestive tract. When we take beta glucans, we deliberately slow down the digestive process. This deliberate slowing down of the digestive process gives many positive health effects. Slower digestion implies that the carbohydrates are absorbed slowly yet more fully. This generates steady blood sugar levels. They do not spike up and down randomly. Further, it allows for better absorption of nutrients. Not only this, but they also take away bad cholesterol along with them as it transmits through the digestive system. What more could one need?

Further, the benefits it gives off seem to increase with the complexity of the structure of the beta glucan. The more complex the structure, the better it seems are the immune-boosting and anti-cancerous properties. It truly strengthens the body.

Why should you choose Beta Glucans?

It would not be farfetched to say that they are the best polysaccharides for the human body because they truly are.

This is explained in the list of reasons illustrated below:

  1. Everyone knows about the importance of mushroom varieties in the making of traditional medicine, especially in China. Mushrooms are one of the most important external sources of beta glucans. Clearly, the Chinese understood the medicinal properties that the mushrooms possess.
  2. Further, they show excellent results when it comes to protecting the immune system. They activate it and fight off infections. Furthermore, many studies have revealed that they possess anticarcinogenic properties.
  3. Also, they have shown potential and are being further researched upon for the therapeutic effects that they possess.
  4. It has emerged as an efficient protector against many bacterial and viral diseases like Hepatitis B, HIV, etc.
  5. They are known to possess anti-tumor properties. It exhibits this by activating the host’s immune regulatory system. It does this by way of:
    1. activating the immune system,
    2. increasing the efficiency of the immune system and
    3. prompting the different organs that make up the system to secrete essential hormones.

  6. All of these benefits need more study, However, as many studies have been revealing, they yield positive results.