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Budgeting For Your Reading

One of the biggest and rather tragic problems a reader can have is finding money in the budget for your books. A typical book can average anywhere from eight to forty dollars. Assuming you only read one book a month that means you are spending ninety six dollars without tax on books. If you are an avid reader then you are not reading just one book a month.

The first route and also the cheapest would be to just go to your local library and check the book out or borrow from a friend. They often have the option to use an exchange system to get books they do not currently have if you are looking for a specific title. Most libraries also have eBooks you can check out now as well. However the library can have its down sides. If they don’t have the book you want it can take a long time for them to get it from another library. It may cost too much money for them to get the eBook you are looking for. If you have a busy schedule returning the book may be hard to do or even remember.

One thing I like to do is shop for used books. Garage Sales and Goodwill are great places to find books at an extremely cheap rate. Libraries will host a used book sale where they get used books donated to them, as well as library books that need to be replaced. The money spent on the books goes to support the community. There are two types of used books stores you can go to for cheaper books. One is where they take in gently used books and resale them at a lower price. The other kind, is where they takes in gently used books and in return give you a running credit that you can use towards your purchase. I enjoy this kind of used book store because then I feel like I am getting something I return for the books I spent money on.

You can also find great deals are your bookstore. Barnes & Noble usually has one long table or an octagon table that carries former bestselling authors and titles. These books can be on average 50% off. Another option Barnes & Noble provides is sales. The “front list” of each genre typically houses books on sale for 10-30% off depending on the title. They also have sections for the NY Bestsellers and those titles can be 20-40% off. Barnes & Noble also provides a membership program. The membership program is twenty five dollars a year but you receive a minimum of 10% off and receive coupons as well. The final way you could save money with Barnes & Noble is by purchasing their eReaders.