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Choosing The Right Carrier For Your Cat

Brief Introduction

A cat carrier is definitely one of the important essentials that you should consider before you bring home a cat or a kitten. It provides security and safety in instances that you need to travel, in visiting the vet, or going on trips that you want to be with your pet cat. Several factors however should be properly thought about when buying a cat carrier. Be sure to choose the correct size and material that can provide comfort and ease. What do you think is the best cat carrier that suits your pet cat?

Choosing a Plastic Cat Carrier

A plastic cat carrier can be a hard cat carrier, which is one of the sturdiest and toughest available in the market. Made of a durable and versatile plastic, this can be very flexible than the usual soft and cardboard pet enclosures. Some pet shops sell carriers such as fold-away which is very convenient but be sure to choose materials that are made of plastic since it would be the best option for you and your cat.

Although the size of your cat will greatly matter in the choice of a carrier, generally normal and medium sized cats would be happy in a soft nylon mesh carrier. Big cats however need a hard plastic carrier for more security, comfort and protection. At your end, this kind of carrier can easily be managed and cleaned.

Travel Tips

If you choose a plastic pet carrier for traveling with your cat, it may be a better choice since they are enclosed securely and considered the safest, just opt for the one that uses durable and sturdy plastic material. You can test the sturdiness by simply filling the carrier with something heavy, like a huge bag with food. If it doesn’t droop, wilt or deforms, then you have a point for that. A carrier made of a thinner plastic can be bent and doors can easily open even without undoing the latches, by merely turning the carrier on its side.

This can be quite dangerous to your cats, because it can sneak out and get eventually get lost. If you are planning to travel farther, secure a carrier that is airline approved either for cabin or cargo use. Some airlines require a certain type of carrier, focusing more on the safety, security and comfort of a particular pet.

Other Uses

Other people overlook the need of a personal carrier and panics when emergency situations set in.These emergencies can range from the cat having eaten some poisonous plant or your cat accidentally hit by a passing car. You need to transport the cat to a nearby animal hospital very quickly. A carrier can make your cat feel more secure after that trauma. A plastic cat carrier plays an important role in emergencies like these.