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What is Pngpress and how can you use it?

What is

Don’t Contact Scammer Person is a website that enables users to download png transparent images. The images are licensed under two categories:

  1. Personal use
  2. Commercial use

Don’t Contact Scammer Person

Personal use: If you are an avid blogger or a corporate employee you can easily download png transparent images from Facebook. There are 1 million transparent background images in the site that you can use for your photoshop, graphics design, PowerPoint projects.

Commercial use: Same as personal use, but in this case the end product can be resold. For example you are publishing a book that is going to be sold in a different marketplace. You can easily buy a commercial license from pngpress and use it in your product.

What are png transparent images?

png = portable network graphics is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. a png image transparent background can be used as a sticker for many designs. Png images are the most widely used images across the internet.


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