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The Benefits of an Amino Acid Fertilizer

Amino acid fertilizer is tremendously beneficial for almost all types of plants. We suggest that you go for a product that is organically certified. We recommend that you look for a product that contains most of the 20 amino acids used by most...

Manchester Terriers – Not a Small Doberman!

Manchester Terriers were bred to hunt rats in Manchester, England (of course!). They have a very typical terrier personality; Alert, intelligent, lively, active, and loyal. These traits help to make them a great companion dog. They enjoy being with...

Understanding Heartworm Disease in Dogs: Decoding the Facts

The mere site of parasites can create apprehensions in the minds of dog owners. These pesky beings are so nasty and gross that you always think about the health of your pooch whenever dealing with this situation. If by chance, your doggy is...